LFUCG Environmental Awards

Nominations for 2021 are now open online. To nominate a project, click here to go to the nomination form.

Each year the Environmental Commission recognizes individuals, organizations, businesses and institutions that have significantly contributed to the improvement of the local environment in an effective or unique way during the past two years. Awards recognize projects that demonstrate any one, or a combination of, the following:

  • Improvements in air, water and soil quality (i.e., elimination and/or reduction of pollution).
  • Elimination and/or reduction of litter and waste.
  • Aesthetics (i.e., visual improvement through landscaping and/or architectural design).
  • Educational projects that enhance environmental awareness.
Any project started or substantially completed in the past three years is eligible to be considered. For more information contact EnvComLFUCG@gmail.com.
Criteria for the Environmental Awards
  • Environmental Impact: How has the nominee addressed one or more of the four stated project categories (litter and waste, aesthetics, air/water/soil improvement, environmental education)?
  • Economic Progress: Are measurable economic benefits and savings realized? Can these relate to socio-economic issues (sustainability, quality of life, etc.)?
  • Innovation/Uniqueness: How has the project demonstrated innovative practices and promoted new ideas, techniques, and/or technologies?
  • Environmental Awareness: How does the project raise environmental awareness in communities and raise community involvement in environmental issues? What is the potential impact on the public and policy makers?
  • Application of Partnership Approach: What formal or informal cooperative activities or programs between public and private sectors, government and NGOs, research, development, community and charitable agencies have been formed?
  • End Results: Demonstrate that the results are defined in measurable terms and documented. Did the project/activity/person achieve the stated goals? What are the long-term benefits for the environment?
  • Transferability/Replicability: What is the potential for the program/activity to be replicated, widely shared and easily implemented by others?


Click here to view a presentation of the 2019 winners

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